Winter Activities Jan 2020 RSS feed for public list Winter Activities Jan 2020 Adventure trails in Montana. by Willard, John, Conditioning for figure skating : by Poe, Carl M. Cross-country skiing Yellowstone country / Figure skating / by Ryan, Margaret. Free-heel skiing : by Parker, Paul, Fundamental snowboarding / by Lurie, Jon. Heli-ski : by Rogers, Neal. Hot dogging and snow boarding / by Guthrie, Robert W. Ice fishing : by Allard, Tim, Ice skating basics / by MacLean, Norman. Mountaineering : by Richardson, Alun, Playing hockey / by Solomon, Chuck. Racing sled dogs / by Cooper, Michael L., Ski & snow country : by Atkeson, Ray. Skiing / by Rogers, Hal, Snowboarder's start-up : Snowboarding / by Brimner, Larry Dane. Snowshoes, coaches, and cross country skis : by Henry, Jeff. The complete book of snowboarding / by Althen, K. C. The encyclopedia of figure skating / by Malone, John Williams. The essential snowshoer : by Zwosta, Marianne. The USA Hockey coaches powerskating handbook / Two planks and a passion : by Huntford, Roland, Wilderness skiing and winter camping / by Townsend, Chris, Winter / by Hirschi, Ron. Winter trails. by Arthur, Jean,