December 2nd floor display shelf RSS feed for public list December 2nd floor display shelf [Seder Hanukah] = by Wolfson, Ron. A Christmas carol / by Dickens, Charles, A Christmas treasury / A different kind of Christmas / by Haley, Alex. A Rocky Mountain Christmas : by Monnett, John H. A Rumpole Christmas / by Mortimer, John, American folk songs for Christmas; by Seeger, Ruth Crawford, Anne Perry's Christmas mysteries : by Perry, Anne. Bon appetit, the Christmas season / Christmas in America : by Restad, Penne L. Christmas observed : Christmas out West / Christmas style / by Staron, Debi. Christmastime in Montana / Holidays : Let it snow : My true love gave to me : Simple pleasures for the holidays : by Seton, Susannah, Sugar cookie murder : by Fluke, Joanne, The battle for Christmas / by Nissenbaum, Stephen. The Christmas store / by Sipherd, Ray. The great American Christmas almanac / by Chalmers, Irena. The winter solstice : by Matthews, John, Ultimate Christmas / by Newdick, Jane.