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Hidden fire Pit Driver: The Berkeley pit : by Bryant, Dorothy, Butte in Perspective Out of...Butte! Miners memorial Images of America Butte's East Side Butte, America Coming home: by Dean, Patty. Vernacular Architecture Forum 2009 : Childhood obesity / by Jimerson, M. N. Buried in Butte / by McGlashan, Zena Beth. To kill a copper king : by Lynde, Stan, Work song / by Doig, Ivan. Finding the bad inn : by Leskovar, Christy. To kill a copper king by Lynde, Stan, Work song / by Doig, Ivan Work song by Doig, Ivan. To kill a copper king by Lynde, Stan, Butte / Irish Butte / by Shea, Debbie Bowman. The richest hill on earth / by Wheeler, Richard S. The Bippolo Seed and other lost stories / by Seuss, Peakbagging Montana : by Jones, Cedron. Montana waterfalls / by Johnson, Larry. Day hikes with dogs - Western Montana / by Pierce, Wendy. Butte : by Bossard, Floyd C. Lost Butte, Montana / by Gibson, Richard I. Mining childhood : by Finn, Janet L., Power switch : by Lee, Patrick C.